Our project ends, but others begin...

One aim of our project was to establish a network of colleges that can work together in future on other projects. ELOCASS has now come to an end but our co-operations continue. 

Leeds City College and Käthe-Kollwitz Berufskolleg have worked together in offering eleven child-care trainees the opportunity to spend four weeks at nursery schools in Leeds in the summer of 2015. This work-placement was funded through Erasmus+.

Through a contact provided by Leeds City College, Käthe-Kollwitz-Berufskolleg also received Erasmus+ funding to send ten trainees from hospitality and catering to the Greek Hotel "Alexander the Great" near Thessaloniki where they gained valuable vocational experience. Lars Martin of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA Westfalen e. V.), the German external partner during the ELOCASS project, accompanied and documented the first week of the work-placement for six trainees in September 2015. The remaining work-placements in the hotel are planned  for May 2016.

Further Erasmus+ funding has been awarded to finance job-shadowing for teaching staff in the partner colleges in Le Havre and Hagen, while two German trainees from the field of hospitality and catering will also have the opportunity to complete a two-week work placement in Le Havre. 

These are just some current examples of co-operations between the partner schools and many more will follow. 

It is good to know that if we need a partner in future for a new project, help is just a phone call away.

Thanks from the German coordinator

First of all, I thank the EU's Leonardo da Vinci Partnerships Programme for funding this project. This funding has enabled many students who often came from low-income families to participate in workshops abroad and expand their vocational and personal horizons. Many friends were made during the mobilities and these contacts continue to thrive thanks to social media.


Thanks also go out to the students and teachers who participated in the mobilities. It was good to see how quickly students came into contact with each other once the ice was broken and how they all profited from meeting other Europeans while experiencing work and life in another country. The teaching colleagues at home and abroad did a wonderful job preparing the students and supporting them during their workshops. I am really grateful for all your valuable contributions! Some teachers left teaching or changed schools during the project but it is good to see that we remain in contact over Facebook and email. Thank you!


Our external partners have also been very active in supporting this project: UFA Le Cesne and GRETA Le Cesne offered us their hospitality during our workshop in Le Havre, while the pasta factory La Molisana treated to us a tour of the company and a presentation of the history of the company during our workshop in Vinchiaturo. Lars Martin, who represents our German partner, the local branch of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA Westfalen e. V.), has been tireless in his efforts to encourage local restaurants and hotels to allow their trainees to take part in the workshops. He has continued to contact and motivate more and more DEHOGA members to allow their trainees to profit from work placements abroad. 


Finally, I thank my fellow project coordinators in the partner countries, who juggle being a teacher with other project-related duties such as bookkeeping, project monitoring, report writing, ticket booking, to name but a few of the tasks that are necessary.  Being new to project coordination I am very grateful for the constant support and warm encouragement I received from Auli, Carolyn, Bénédicte, Sára, Rachele, Gina and Paola. You have all been amazing in making this project so successful! I really cannot thank you enough for all your hard work. 


I look forward to working with you all in the future!


Vivienne Boyd-Deák

Käthe-Kollwitz Berufskolleg Hagen