Leeds City College

Following the merger of Park Lane College, Leeds Thomas Danby and Leeds College of Technology in 2009, Leeds City College has now merged with Joseph Priestly College and formed a Strategic Alliance with Leeds College of Music, making it one of the largest colleges in the UK. The combined institution, situated across five main campuses and in many smaller community centres across the city, covers almost all subject areas and encompasses academic and vocational qualifications from basic skills through to apprenticeships and Foundation Degrees. Key specialisms include Electrical & Engineering, Crafts & Computing, Creative Arts & Media, with National Skills Academy status in Financial Services, Retail, Sport and Active Leisure, Food and Drink Manufacturing, Manufacturing Bakery, Hospitality & Catering with teaching enhanced by on-site specialist teaching facilities.

Leeds City College now serves a population of just over 750,000 people. It has worked within transnational mobility programmes since 1991 and has developed a complete management system and procedure to ensure that all the stakeholders at each phase of development are fully briefed and aware of their responsibilities within the overall programme.

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