The college “ISISS BOJANO " is located in the center of Italy, 200 km from Rome, 100 km from Naples. It consists of a  Scientific Lyceum,a Technical institute,a Pedagogical Lyceum and a Hotellery school.  This last one called I.P.S.E.O.A  was established in 2004. There are 250 learners, aged 14-19 years old and 40 teachers. 

The school is equipped with a computer lab with the internet access.

Our learners can choose the following courses:  kitchen, bar, reception and catering. 

They study two foreign languages (English and French), maths, history, and other subjects strictly related to this type of vocational school. 

The school runs training workshops where students can gain the knowledge or practical subjects. The school organizes gastronomic contests and events in which students can practice their competencies.  Students are also involved in work placements in the hotels of  other towns for three weeks to make true working experiences. 

In our Institution we are trying to integrate students with special needs and children with poor material situation coming from disorganized families.  We  have participated in two Comenius projects. The title of the first one is: "Health and nutrition without borders" ; the title of the second one is: "Young Europeans contributing to a better future".  By participating in these projects we would like to integrate our school in the European family and exchange experience and information with students studying in other European countries. A partnership with other schools is a great opportunity to develop new ways and knowledge about culture, geography, traditions, history and many other things.  Involving students in different challenging activities means to create a consciousness of the importance of being European citizens.  


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