The Westphalian branch of the German Hotels and Restaurants Association is a regional organisation of entrepreneurs working in the hospitality and catering industry. As a professional association it represents the interests of its members in politics, in its work with trade unions, the media, other organisations and interest groups. 


The DEHOGA also organises education and training, helps with company start-ups, provides information on economic and legal issues and on current developments such as the labeling of allergens on menus.


Lars Martin of the DEHOGA Westfalen e. V. has participated actively both in preparing the assessment of project content and the work completed by the trainees. He has advertised the benefits of the ELOCASS project to its members and has encouraged them to allow their trainees to take part in the project. The DEHOGA has continued to emphasise the value of work placements abroad for trainees working in the hospitality and catering sector.


Lars Martin, the managing director of the Westphalian branch of the Deutscher Hotel- und Gaststättenverband, pictured right next to Matthias Hummer, the DEHOGA district chairman at the annual restaurant service competition at the Käthe-Kollwitz Berufskolleg in Hagen.