The project enabled students to travel abroad and visit other European vocational schools and partner institutions. The trainees openly encountered other languages and cultures during the partnerships and experienced English as a lingua franca that forged a bridge between speakers of different languages. Students with more than one mother tongue were regarded as valuable resources, while also demonstrating the benefits of being multilingual.

The European added value of this project was to see community in a wider context, to see similarities and differences of our countries not only in the field of catering. This project offered all the learners and school communities an opportunity for equal participation on both a local and a global dimension, even if they were in different socio-economic situations. Our partnership allowed us to share our ideas, to learn more about our own and other countries' traditions and to be closer to partners from different countries of the European union in order to explore new opportunities. 

Through interaction, our students started thinking and dreaming beyond the borders of their local communities thanks to the fact that they learned more about their chance and responsibilities not only with respect to their vocational education but also in their professional lives. They became more aware of the possibilities in Europe in terms of study and employment.

A constructive dialogue has been opened between the educational institutions and the world of work whereby employees have realised how much trainees can benefit from European projects such as ELOCASS. Trainees have been able to learn more about employment opportunities in another country and now have a network of contacts in at least five other European countries which can help them if they would like to do a work placement or find employment in that country. This network is also available to teachers who worked on the project and who now know that assistance in finding a work placement for a trainee or a job-shadowing opportunity for a teacher in one of the partner countries is only one phone call or email away.