The main objectives of the partnership

  • to develop students' professional and soft skills for working in a multicultural environment
  • to provide teachers with an opportunity to observe and to apply new pedagogical systems to compare levels of training and qualifications in partner countries
  • to raise awareness of similarities and differences in the field of Hospitality and Catering in the participating European countries and to help trainees gain those skills that are necessary to fulfill market demands


Issues that were addressed in the partnership

  • Misunderstandings can often occur in a working environment where there is a clash of cultures. Participation in this project both in the home country and abroad developed the students' ability to work with confidence and communicate successfully in a work-based multicultural environment.
  • Teachers and professionals in different countries do not have one common network. The project offered an opportunity for teachers and professionals to meet face to face, to discuss similarities and differences in the field of Hospitality and Catering in the other partner countries and to forge a permanent cooperation and team spirit.
  • Training companies frequently demonstrate an unwillingness to support mobilities abroad. Apprentices often do not have the financial means to spend time abroad during their vocational training. ELOCASS offered trainees the opportunity to participate in workshops in their home country and abroad. Companies became aware of the benefits of the trainees working abroad and this success motivated other restaurants and hotels to send their trainees to another country.
  • Trainees often show low self-confidence and motivation during their vocational training. The project tasks carried out during the ELOCASS workshops could be performed by trainees at their own learning level, while other students and teaching staff provided encouragement. The products of the workshop were tangible and successful outcomes boosted self-confidence, motivation and promoted a sense of personal pride among students.