Publicising ELOCASS...

to the trainees' employers

Prior to the first mobility in Hagen the ELOCASS project and its aims were presented at a round table to local businesses which send their trainees to the college's hospitality and catering department. This increased the employees' motivation to allow their trainees to travel abroad and participate in the project activities.

In addition, during the annual college day, trainee chefs prepared dishes from each of the partner countries to increase interest among visitors to the college and inform current students and teaching staff about the project and its aims. Trainee restaurant staff prepared and served a range of aperitifs, tea, juices and cocktails that had the ELOCASS theme.

For each of the above activities, brochures were distributed about the ELOCASS project in general.

at the college's open day

During the city college open day in 2014, Käthe-Kollwitz Berufskolleg was the venue that hosted pupils from surrounding schools who wanted to find out more about the range of courses offered at Hagen colleges.


The Hospitality and Catering Department planned and prepared an ELOCASS buffet comprising dishes from each of the partner countries. A recipe brochure containing the recipes and further information about the project was handed out to visitors. 

during the college's cooking and restaurant service competitions 

This year the annual restaurant service and cookery competitions at the college have both focused on the ELOCASS project. The chefs were presented with the challenge of creating an ELOCASS menu using a given basket of goods. The competitors in the restaurant service competition "Die Flambierflamme" served menus with a European flavour to selected guests. Each nationality in the ELOCASS project was represented with one or more dishes. Trainee chefs, some of whom had benefited from ELOCASS mobilities, prepared the dishes.  While the guests enjoyed their food, a collection of photos from past ELOCASS workshops was shown on a whiteboard. Julia Zawadzki, the winner of the 2015 restaurant service competition, will be travelling to Greece in September 2015 with five other trainees to complete a two-week work-placement at The Alexander the Great Beach Hotel. This mobility has been made possible through Erasmus+ funding.

Newspaper article in the Westfalen Post dated 23.06.2015
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Newspaper article in the Westfalen Post about the annual service staff's competition integrating the ELOCASS project
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Newspaper article in the Westfalen Post about the annual chefs' competition integrating the ELOCASS project
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Press report by Lars Martin (DEHOGA Westfalen e. V.) in the magazine Gastrotel
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Article in the magazine "Mobilität ohne Grenzen 2014" published by the Bezirksregierung Arnsberg in September 2015
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