Our logo competition: the rules

Handout for the students




Design a Logo

We have been asked to take part in a competition to design a logo for the Leonardo project called:

European League of cooks and service staff”

A logo is a small picture / emblem that is used by businesses to promote, advertise and represent their company.

This is an international competition. The 6 countries that are taking part are:

France, Germany, Italy, Finland, United Kingdom, Hungary.

In each partner school, a competition will take place to select the best logo from that particular school. A prize will be given for each winning logo at this level. Each of the winning logos will then pass to the international level of the competition, and the winner will be chosen by an international project jury during the first mobility in Germany. The author of the selected logo, which from that point will also be the project logo, will be awarded by the German school.

The selected logos must be sent to the German coordinator until 4th October 2013

Things to think about:

  • This is an international competition you must include all the countries listed above, your logo cannot just have a “French or Italian…” theme.

  • Your logo must include the title “European league of cooks and service staff” or the acronym “ELOCASS”.

  • Keep it simple. Do not over-complicate your design with too many details.

  • The size / scale of your logo is very important – it cannot be too big.

  • Your design must be bright, eye-catching and colourful.


Our logo competition: the entries



Please click here to view the entries to our competition.


On the left you can see the winning logo from Hungary.


Szép munka volt!