Monday, 2 December 2013-Thursday, 5 December 2013

A tour of Hagen and a warm welcome

On the first project day the Italian, UK, Hungarian and French groups were greeted by the German group in the entrance hall of the college. A former colleague in the German college's Hospitality and Catering Department led the groups on a guided tour of Hagen inner city centre. During the walk, the students and teachers had the opportunity to get to know each other better and learn something about the history of Hagen. For lunch the guests were invited to a local tennis club to try a German speciality "Grünkohl mit Pinkel." 

After lunch the groups returned to the college to meet the Finnish group which had arrived in the morning. Mr. Arthur Schäfer, the head of the college, warmly welcomed the groups in the college's auditorium.


Students and staff were provided with name badges before being randomly allocated to six teams. One German student was present in each group so that they could help the other team members find their way around the college kitchen during food preparation. The teams each comprised several nationalities which meant that the students had to find a common language which was usually English. Each team was given a national menu with a Christmas theme. The teachers in the guest countries had submitted their recipes to the German college  two weeks before arriving so that the shopping could be done in time for the workshop.

The national menus

The German Menu

Team 1


Westphalian mustard soup

slices of pan-fried Mettwurst


the best from the goose

red cabbage with apples

caramalized chestnuts



cinnamon parfait

in layered cake

pear poached in red wine

The French Menu

Team 2

carpaccio of sea bream and scallops

in a kaffir lime sauce

small strips of duck sautéed

in fresh figs

potato purée with nut oil

dark chocolate lava cake

bitter orange coulis

The Hungarian Menu

Team 3

fish soup from the Balaton Uplands

goose liver paté with rosehip jelly

green salad with honey and balsamic vinegar

stuffed cabbage

carp fillet with grilled vegetables

hominy with ewe curd cheese

Christmas cupcake variations 

(Gerbeaud style, with honey cream, poppyseed or plum)

The Finnish menu

Team 4

salmon rolls

mushroom salad

potato carrot beetroot salad

reindeer stew

potato mash

cranberry cheesecake

The British menu

Team 5

Yorkshire pudding

onion and mushroom gravy

fish & chips

with pea purée and

tartare sauce

bread and butter pudding

honeycomb ice cream

The Italian Menu

Team 6

stuffed squid on chickpea cream

"arracanato" codfish


First preparations for the ELOCASS lunch

The trainee chefs discussed what needed to be done the next day to prepare for the ELOCASS lunch. The service staff read the menus and discussed possible table decorations, while drawing up a shopping list for any items that they would need before going shopping with a German colleague.