This workshop took place in Kouvola Region Vocational College. Altogether 11 teachers and 30 students took part in arrangements and program. The theme of the workshop was Seasonal Cooking and Magic Box.

The groups from other countries arrived on Sunday evening.

On Monday morning all the participants gathered at the college for a welcome ceremony and meeting. In the afternoon we had a picnic in a nearby natural park called Repovesi. After the picnic participants took a water bus and visited the local resort Orilampi. Because we were in Finland, the program included sauna and swimming in a lake. After that the group had a Traditional Dinner in the resort restaurant.

On Tuesday morning all the participants gathered at the college. The students worked in mixed international groups. In the morning students got to know the contents of the Magic Box.

Their task was to prepare a menu using these ingredients. Students started to plan their menus by using computers, Google translators and catering books. While the students cooked, the teaching staff had a project meeting and also introduced the VET offered in their colleges.

In the evening students had a students’ meeting in a local bowling center and teachers had a staff meeting and dinner in Auni Nikunen’s home. Because we were in Finland, the visit included also sauna and swimming in a lake.

On Wednesday morning all the participants visited The Helicopter department of Kouvola Region Vocational College.

In the afternoon started the most hectic part of the workshop: preparing the menus.

Students worked in mixed, international groups and prepared all their own menus. They organized an international buffet to the students’ restaurant of Kouvola Region Vocational College. Also the local press and radio came to interview the students.

At 6 p. m. the dinner started for 50 persons. The dinner included music, speeches, delicious dishes and proud students and teachers. All the managers and principals were invited to join the dinner.

On Thursday morning all the participants gathered to the final meeting of the workshop. The meeting included evaluation and the certificate of attendance was handed out to all of the proud participants.

Trip to the Repovisi National Park and Orilampi Hostel

In the kitchen

The Elocass buffet dinner

Trip to the Airport Museum